Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spit the Dummy

Spit the Dummy
Spit the Dummy: explosion of anger, tantrum. A "dummy" is a baby's pacifier ("He spat the dummy when I turned up late")
Type - Custom Polish
I seriously struggle with green polishes. I struggle with making them so they don't look like Shrek or the colour of his swamp is hard!! A pretty green - not booger green! So after many failed greens I arrived at this which is a green with a tinge of yellow and green, silver and blue glitter through out.

I really like this - I wore it for a few days after I made it! YAY!
3 coats - no base colour

You can see in the bottle the yellow change in the sun. I'm not sure where this has come from as zero colour change pigments were used in this franken. Interesting - something to work out in the future I think.

Glitter removal wasn't too painful. Slight smell due to stinky base.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Having a Blue

Having a Blue
Blue: fight ("he was having a blue with his wife", "they were having a blue")
Type - Custom Polish
Named because I definitely had a "blue" with the previous version of this polish with the glitters running and being painful. Needless I like the final combination and how it turned out.
2 coats on naked nails [oh my]
2 coats on black

Pale blue polish with tiny blue glitter and blue and silver hex pieces with a handful of green and yellow throw in [and I mean a handful!]. The silver hex pieces are slightly holo for an interesting look.

Slightly gritty feel without a top coat. Removal not as painful as other brand glitters I have in my collection.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the beginning ...

Congratulations on stumbling across my Little Roo page.

This is basically a place for me to document my work with frankens and custom polish. These are not for sale and I don't have a store anywhere online. These are just made for fun and enjoyment that I can share with friends.

I decided to name and brand my frankens simply because it's nice to remember where your polishes came from. While I try to personally remember where all mine that I have been gifted come from sometimes I find myself struggling. Names are good!

I'm doing this page for me and me alone. I want to be able to look to see my creations easily without having to dig them out or troll through pages of blog.

Memories ... I'm creating memories.

SC xxx