Basically I'm an Aussie polish addict and this is a dumping ground for my frankens.

I'm just documenting my journey. If I wanted to sell lots I'd make an etsy shop but at this stage I don't have the time or commitment to a big project like that.

Apart from my "one offs" if there is a Little Roo polish that you are interested in please let me know at littlerooaustralia@gmail.com - the price is $10 per bottle including shipping worldwide [minimum of 2 bottles if you are outside of Australia]

From 2012 all my frankens will have uniquely Australian names ... mainly cos I'm not that creative and lets face it - Aussie slang is pretty funny.

Wanna read more? Go here! My first post pretty much sums this journey up http://littlerooau.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/in-beginning.html