How can I buy Little Roo polishes? Do you have a shop?
At the moment you can only buy by asking nicely via email at littlerooaustralia@gmail.com - I don't have a store or shop as I'm only making for my enjoyment. Prices for bottles are $10 each with free shipping worldwide [minimum of 2 bottles if you are outside of Australia]

Hey - I own that Little Roo polish. Why is it slightly different to my version?
This is only because I've made my own copy afterwards and it's slightly different.  I'm still learning how to recreate perfectly!

Where do you get your bottles from?
If you are asking about the Zoya shaped bottles then I get them from a beauty supply place in Australia [no they don't ship overseas]

If you are asking about other shaped bottles then I've simply sourced them from other places on the net. I would suggest giving Google a try and seeing what's available in your area of the world

Where do you get your glitters from?
Everywhere and anywhere!! I prefer to see glitters in real life before buying and I have a number of places that I'll stalk to test out new stock. End of the day it's trial and error to what works in polish - what doesn't work I donate to my kids craft box.

Can you give me advice on frankening my own polishes?
My best advice is simply this - follow your heart. It will tell you what is right for your own situation. Google is the best resource out there ... give it a try! Everyone has different ideas, techniques and tips so just apply what works best for you.